International Movement Coordinator

One of the aims of the International Council is to ‘join up’ Triratna across the world. Whilst there have long been ways of doing that with the College and the Order, there hasn’t been one for the Movement – until now with the arrival of Jnanadhara which is the fruit of a 3-way funding collaboration between Future Dharma Fund, the ECA and Windhorse Trust.

Jnanadhara says: I am originally from New Zealand where I met Triratna in the mid-nineties towards the end of three years studying music. In 1999 I moved to the UK and spent time in Cambridge where I worked at Windhorse Trading immersing myself in the Triratna Village that was thriving there at that time.

I was ordained in 2003 and soon after I relocated to Dublin, Ireland where I have been living since. As well as teaching and playing music I’ve spent most of my time in Dublin working at the Dublin Buddhist Centre, including 12 years as chair.

In the second half of my time as chair I became involved with the International Council for the Movement Strand in the UK and Ireland, and more latterly I joined the Steering Group. At the same time I did what I could to coordinate the Movement Strand internationally.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue working – now full-time – for the Movement Strand within the International Council in this new role of International Movement Coordinator. I am looking to develop the channels of communication between all of our different Buddhist centres and Triratna projects worldwide so we can be more joined-up and effective in our efforts to bring the Dharma to more and more people. I believe our spiritual community is uniquely placed to respond to people’s deepest spiritual needs and aspirations and I’d love to see us grow in our skill and capacity to engage in this essential task.