Taking stock

Shining the light of awareness on a changing Triratna
March 22, 23, 24More info below

take stock


to carefully think about something in order to
make a decision about what to do next


It is the pauses which make beautiful the music of our lives.  It is the empty spaces which give richness and significance to them.  And it is the stillness which makes them truly useful.                                                              Sangharakshita from his essay ‘Pauses and Empty Spaces in ‘Crossing The Stream‘ p96

In recent years Triratna has weathered some significant changes.  At the end of 2018 we experienced the death of our founder and teacher, Sangharakshita.  We are still coming to terms with this and working out how to move forwards as a Buddhist movement without him. Then, just over 12 months later, the Covid pandemic swept across the globe. During the following two years many of us were physically separated from our friends, Buddhist centres and sanghas.  In response to this so much of Triratna’s life and activity moved, and remains, online.

At our forthcoming meeting we will pause to take stock of these and other changes that are affecting Triratna in so many different ways.

The aim of this meeting will be to raise our awareness and understanding of changes by:

1. sharing perspectives on the changes that we are noticing as Centre Chairs, Order Convenors and College members living and working in different parts of the world

2. identifying emerging themes or trends

3. considering the potential immediate and longer-term implications for us, our Areas, Strands, and Triratna more generally

Before attending the meeting you may find it helpful to reflect on the following questions:

a) what changes have impacted your Area, Strand and Triratna more widely over the past 5-10 years?

b) what current and emerging changes are having an impact on your Area, Strand and Triratna more widely?

c) what potential questions, opportunities, risks and threats might arise out of the changes?

d) how do you feel about these changes, and why?

Practical information

As usual there will be 2 meetings each day to accommodate the different time zones, and will finish after 2 hours (hopefully with a short break in the middle). Those in Europe can attend either the early or later one.
UK/Ireland:   08:00 or 18:00
Mainland Europe:  09:00 or 19:00
US & Canada:  11:00 (West Coast); 14:00 (East Coast)
Latin America:  12:00 (Mexico)
Oceania:  19:00 (Aus); 21:00 (NZ)
India:  13:30

The zoom link is the same for every session:

Meeting ID: 827 3382 7271   Passcode: unity