What has the International Council achieved so far?

What is a Triratna Centre?

Commonality is a major theme in Triratna. How to maintain a coherent, recognisable practice community whilst allowing for creativity and contextual differences around the world?

This guiding document was the fruit of much collaboration and discussion and uses the framework of the four lineages of teaching, practice, inspiration and responsibility.

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A spiritual community needs a high degree of commonality of practice to make progress together on the path

This is what Bhante wrote in ‘What is the Western Buddhist Order?’ (before it became the Triratna Buddhist Order). But it needs some unpacking, both of the principles involved as well as what is good process when it comes to introducing new practices into Triratna.


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Conflict Resolution

Conflict between people is an inevitable part of life but what happens when informal ways of resolving disputes don’t succeed? This guidance offers a structured, tiered process for navigating a conflict and restoring harmony.


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Strategic Priorities

In late 2022, the IC met in person at Adhisthana and agreed our next strategic priorities – quite an act of cooperation and consensus building.


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Communications Strategy

Arising as a strategic priority was a request that the international council commit to being the home to develop a joined-up communications strategy. What does this entail?


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Sikkha Project

Encouraging and resourcing excellence in teaching, the Sikkha Project emerged to offer training and resources for Centres and groups for their Dharma work.


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Work in Progress

Setting up the International Council as a UK charity

Since it’s inception, the IC has not existed as any kind of legal entity but simply as a gathering of Order Members. We are now in the process of exploring charitable status.

Work begins on our top priority: the path of responsibility

During an online meeting in April 2023, we began our work on the no.1 strategic priority (agreed Nov 2022, see more) – the path of responsibility, which feeds into aspects of leadership, succession, decision-making. Lots of thoughtful ideas

Ahimsa kula

Following on from the Adhisthana Kula, this working group is interviewing people in Triratna, exploring and endeavouring to understand ways that people have felt harmed

Communications Working Group

This group was tasked with developing a strategy for Triratna communications to enhance clarity, synergy, cooperation and serving the needs of our community and those we are trying to reach

Growth & Sustainability

This group is looking at what will facilitate a greater reach in our community and what financial conditions could be developed to help it all along

Advice on engaging with social issues

A collaborative endeavour to offer practical advice for Buddhists (individual and collective) looking for a Dharmic engagement with social and ecological issues