How we make decisions in Triratna

What do we understand by consensus? What principles underlie it? Are there situations where other models of decision-making are more appropriate?
September 22, 23, 24More info below


We will explore another aspect of the International Council’s first strategic priority (of strengthening the lineage of responsibility) – how we make decisions.  

In Triratna we emphasise consensual decision-making, but different people have different ideas about what this means in practice. What are the principles that underpin consensus and is it always appropriate or necessary to seek it?  

At this meeting we will work towards a common understanding of consensus and try to establish a clear decision-making model (or models) that we can recommend for use across Triratna.  

A stimulus document has been produced which we ask you to read in advance. It is not a proposal but just to get us thinking.

Arthavadin: International Council Convenor

Practical information

As usual there will be 2 meetings each day to accommodate the different time zones. Those in Europe can attend either the early or later one.
UK/Ireland:   08:00 or 18:00
Mainland Europe:  09:00 or 19:00
US & Canada:  10:00 (West Coast); 13:00 (East Coast)
Latin America:  11:00 (Mexico)
Oceania:  17:00 (Aus); 19:00 (NZ, 20:00 on the Sunday)
India:  12:30

The zoom link is the same for every session:

Meeting ID: 827 3382 7271   Passcode: unity

Day One

  • Arthavadin welcomes us and introduces the session
  • 3.30 IC members introduce themselves
  • 25:50 plenary from chapter discussions
    • Arthavadin welcomes us and introduces the session
    • IC members introduce themselves
    • 23:30 plenary from chapter discussions

    Day Two

    Day Three