The ‘staff’ of the IC

Pictured above is Arthavadin, our full-time convenor of the International Council since March 2021, and shortly afterwards became a trustee of Future Dharma. Prior to this he chaired the Manchester Buddhist Centre for several years and for much of that time was also a member of executive of the European Chairs Assembly. He’s a private preceptor and president of the wonderful Sudharshanaloka Retreat Centre in New Zealand. In 2021, after 36 years living in and around Manchester, he happily returned to his hometown just north of Liverpool where he (probably unrealistically) aspires to spend more time with his family, live a quieter life on the coast, make art and practice karate.

Below is Aparajita, working part-time for the IC, and part-time for the ECA Development Team. He joined the Order in 1993 and has found himself in or around Manchester (UK) for most of the time since. From December 2021 he started to work part-time as the assistant to the International Council whilst also continuing part-time with the ECA’s Development Team. He finds it satisfying to be serving Triratna in various ways and which brings him into contact with many excellent Order Members from around the world. That said, quite a lot of my time his spent sat at his computer, so he has to sometimes drag himself out into the surrounding hills, do his bit for the Manchester Centre, or practice on my piano or drums!